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Grand Champion Bloodhound ~ GCH CH Houndwalkers Sebastian of the Groves
Sebastian is as gentle as he is glorious!
Yes he is a show dog, but first & foremost,
he is our loveable family member!

He enjoys the good life here at the ranch,
so he is not out on the dog show circuit
but maybe once a month (sorry we just love
him too much & need to see his sweet face)!

Sebastian is our number 1 lap top! Yep, he
may be about 125 lbs, but he loves snuggling
or trying to snuggle with his dad (on his lap).

His outstanding features, gee, let's see:
- headpiece (long & narrow & beautiful);
- structure (balanced front & rear);
- movement (cleanest moving bloodhound);
- type (ears, lip, wrinkles, skin, etc);
- size (appropriate - he could do his job!)

Sebastian was bred by Judy-Jeff Walker, of
Houndwalker Bloodhounds, and Susan Hamil
of Quiet Creek Bloodhounds.

He is a Moonie grandson (a top winning
best in show bloodhound); & his 1/2 sister, Kiss
has been the #1 bloodhound for several years.

Sebastian ranked his 1st year showing as a
Top 20 Bloodhound (as a puppy); and he
also earned an invitation to Eukanuba.

Sebastian finished 2012 as the #9 Bloodhound
all breed (Canine Chronicle Stats), and he
only did 9 weekends of showing!!!

So what will 2013 bring??? Currently he is
ranked (Jan 2013 - Canine Chronicle)
#13 in breed & #14 in all breed.

But clearly Sebastian is the #1 Bloodhound
both at the ranch and in our hearts!!!

Sebastian is primarily shown by professional
handler Clint Livingston, and at times by
by professional handler Diana Wilson.

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Sebastian has a magnificient bloodhound head!!!

Yes he is both an awesome & affectionate dog.

At 18 months here - lovely structure & balance!

He is silly & smooshy (even upside down)!

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