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Bloodhound Behavior ~ Bloodhound Personality ~ Bloodhound Traits
Bloodhounds have some definate behavior and traits that make them, well, bloodhounds!
But be aware some bloodhound behavior that is comical to one person might very well be
considered obnoxious to another person.   Additionally everyone trains their own dogs
their own way, with their own expectations.   Below are photos to help you see some of
the personalities, behavior and traits of most bloodhounds.

With good leadership & training, you will have a good (well balanced) bloodhound!

They love Attention & Affection

Bloodhounds are very Cuddy

They generally Love Kids

Bloodhounds are Funny & Goofy

They Drool & are Messy

Bloodhounds are Nosey (a)

They like to Jump on You

They are Very Active

They get In Your Face

Bloodhounds are Stubborn

Bloodhounds like to Dig

Bloodhounds like to Chew

They Like Beds

They Love Other Bloodhounds

They Like Chairs too


Wendy Musgrove
photo (a)

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