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Here is a snapshot of Bloodhound History.
This is a condensed overview of the History of Bloodhounds.
It is based on many hours of research and is represented as
the best information we know & can easily share. We welcome
any additional information for consideration and possible use
in future updates to this web page.

  • Circa 1000-2000 BC - There is a plaque from Ancient Babylon of a type of bloodhound
    with a tail curled over it's back.
  • Circa 630-699 BC - In the Nineveh Palace there is an illustration of an ancient dog,
    history refers to as a bloodhound/mastiff. (Photo above: Courtesy of the British Museum)
  • Circa 55 BC - When the Romans arrived in Britian, they spoke of finding great scent hounds.

  • Circa 727 AD - The French Monastery,
    beginning with St. Hubert, bred hounds with
    great noses, courage, endurance & throatiness.
    Most of these dogs were black with some
    red/fawn accents. St. Hubert is generally
    thought to be the beginning for true
  • Circa 1066 AD - St. Hubert Hounds
    came to England, and were often a gift for
  • Circa 1066 AD - At the same time Talbot
    Hounds existed and were white. They were
    later crossed with St. Hubert Hounds.
  • Circa 1859 / 1860 - In 1859 England
    had it's first Dog Show. In 1860 Bloodhounds
    were actually entered in a dog show.

  • Circa 1888 - There were 3 Bloodhounds entered at the Westminister Kennel Club.
  • Circa 1910 - The American Kennel Club had about 200 Bloodhounds registered in the club,
    versus 2,379 Collies (Collies were the number one breed at that time).
  • Circa 1962 - The National Police Association was formed ( but it was initially called the
    Eastern Police Bloodhound Association).
  • Circa 2005 - The American Kennel Club had 3,112 Bloodhounds registered; and a Bloodhound
    ("Knotty" - shown below on the left) won the Eukanuba Dog Show.
    is NOT derived from a vicious or blood thristy dog...
    long ago people thought it was because they could smell blood...
    but really it's more likely from the historical facts that
    "pure-bloods" (european royalty) actually owned bloodhounds
    or that bloodhounds themselves were from pure bloodlines...

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    Enjoy learning about Bloodhounds!

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