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Sassy Girl
Sassy is a sweet dog, that stole our hearts!
She is like an enormous, squishable, puppy.

We looked long&hard for a more bloodhound
type bloodhound - and she is it! With a ton
of skin & wrinkles, great head planes, lip,
& a soft expression. She is a nice girl!
(big boned, great chest & great rear too).

Sassy is a good sized girl with too many
wonderful attributes to list. She is such
a beauiful bloodhound! You can see
Sassy's Health Info on Left.

She is another dog that loves to go! To dog
shows, to dog class, for walks, etc! And she
loves being outside!!! (unless it's bed time
then she loves our bed).

Saying she is "active" is an "understatement".
She is a true busy body, and easily excited (so
don't show her a leash or keys). She is quick to
learn - but wants to have things her own way!

Sassy is an attention hog! She wants all the
hugs & snugs from everyone; but she is truly
Daddy's Girl, she prefers Dave to anyone else.

She is also training for trailing, and is doing
quite well, as she has a very good nose.

Some of her qwerks are: Well her loud snoring
which could suck the drapes off the wall. She
loves to play games with our horse (it's funny)
And believes that all stuffed animals and toys
(or bones), well - that everything is all hers!

We are crazy about this crazy dog. She really
is everything we wanted in a bloodhound.
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OFA - CHIC # 53719

Heart - Normal
Echo by Cardiologist

Hips - Good

Elbows - Normal

Patella - Normal

Thyroid - Normal

Eyes - Cerf'd

Sassy - She sure loves her daddy!!!

Sassy is the best "log jumpin' bloodhound"!

Sassy is snuggable even when she sleeps.

Sassy has a really good sniffer too.

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