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Our Colorado Bloodhound Ranch
Our Beliefs - About Dogs
Our ranch is our home, where we enjoy
spending quality time with our family
(especially our grown children & our
young grandchildren); but also our
friends, and our animals!

Our log home is truly our retreat. We
first dreamed it, then designed it; and
Dave along with a small crew built it.

We raise Buffalo & Bloodhounds in Colorado
about 75 miles SE of Denver, out on the
rolling plains with big beautiful stands of
large ponderosa pine trees placed amongst
the grassy rolling plains.

The 400 acre environment is perfect for
our herd of American Buffalo, which
roam our different pastures on the south
side of the property.

There is plenty of space for our Colorado
bloodhounds - Hunter, Sassy & Sebastian.
They are more than pets to us, they're our
furry, four legged family members.

Each year we try to host what we call a
Colorado Bloodhound Day... A time to meet
& mingle with other Colorado Bloodhound
enthusiasts. So if you have bloodhounds in
the Rocky Mtn area, send us an email so we
know who you are.
* Dogs deserve kind, loving homes.
* Dogs need leadership & discipline.
* Dogs require time & patience.

We love our dogs; they bring us lots of joy.
They are not a business or money center;
nor do we consider them a hobby or game.

BLOODHOUNDS are one of our passions!

We don't have dozens & dozens of dogs,
nor do we have multiple dog breeds.
We oppose any type of puppy mill; and
are against breeding any dog that does
not have proper health clearances. For
Bloodhounds it's Heart, Hips, & Elbows.

DOGS - treat 'em like Mans Best Friend!
1-Give our dogs Love, Leadership & Time!
2-Give each of our dogs a Good Quality Life
      (not raise them in kennels/crates, etc)
3-Give each dog a Chance To Do Their Best
      (show-trailing-rescue-therapy-family pet)
4-Continue to Learn About Bloodhounds
5-And Help Others Learn About bloodhounds

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