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AKC Bloodhound Champion ~ Ch. Houndwalkers Sebastian of the Groves!
Proud to share the 1st year of dog showing of our B E A U T I F U L B L O O D H O U N D
Sebastian (Houndwalkers Sebastian of the Groves). Sebastian did beyond fabulous showing!
1st 7 weeks showing he earned 1 major, & all his single points; then finished at 11 months! WOW!

Sebastian gets his 1st judge kiss
from Judge Bonnie Lindell Clark.
May 17, 2010 ~ 6 months old

6 months old today, stacked like a pro
thanks to Clint Livingston.
May 17, 2010 ~ 6 months old

Now in the Puppy Group (very tired)
shown here by Karen Livingston.
May 17, 2010 ~ 6 months old

Moving very nice for a young puppy
but not crazy about his show collar.
May 18, 2010 ~ 6 months & 1 day

Walks into a beautiful stack (& 2 pts)
Thank you Judge Gloria Gerringer.
May 18, 2010 ~ 6 months & 1 day

He is only 6 months & 1 day old...
so he definately earned his puppy nap!
May 18, 2010 ~ 6 months & 1 day

A very nice front on this puppy
who tries to kiss Clint Livingston
May 21, 2010 ~ 6 months & 4 days

Not an enhanced photo, with his glowing eyes that caught the camera flash.
Shown here by Karen Livingston in the Hound Puppy Group
May 21, 2010 ~ 6 months & 4 days old... Puppy Group 2 & Best of Breed

What a lovely young bloodhound
here in the Puppy Best In Show ring
May 22, 2010 ~ 6 months & 5 days

Sebastian looks great with this self stack in the Hound Puppy Group
Beautiful chest, nice rear muscling, and of course he looks noble & dignified!
May 22, 2010 ~ 6 months & 5 days old... Puppy Group 1 & Best of Breed

Sebastin moving better (head is up)
still not too kean on the show collar
May 23, 2010 ~ 6 months & 6 days

Sebastian beats his sister, Sassy (in front) & takes Best of Breed
Young pup having a fun & learning from Clint how to be a good show dog.
May 23, 2010 ~ 6 months & 6 days

Sebastian just chillin' with Cheryl before he shows
(L) Sassy is also hanging out with Sarah
May 28, 2010

Sebastian's photo for Best Puppy & Best of Breed
Judge said he'd take this puppy home!
Thank You Judge Houston Clark ~ May 28, 2010

Sebastian here in the Puppy Group with Cheryl
Nice deep body, nice top line, nice head position.
Puppy Group 3 ~ May 28, 2010

Sebastian stacked & looking great (like a little pro)!
He is professionally presented by Clint Livingston
May 29, 2010

Sebastian moving on the down & back
Not a foot out of place (and nice reach & drive)
Thank You Judge Houston Clark ~ May 29, 2010

Judge Toddie Clark goes over Sebastian
Thank You Toddie, for his Best of Breed!!
May 29, 2010

Sebastian shown to Judge Frances Colonna
She says he has a big bright future ahead.
Best of Breed ~ May 30, 2010

Sebastian stacked in the Big Hound Group Ring
Looks fabulous... Thank You Cheryl for showing him!
WOW ~ May 30, 2010 ~ 6 and 1/2 months old

OMG! OMG! ~ GROUP 4 Placement!
Thank You Judge Colonna, his first group placement!
May 30th, 2010 ~ 6 months 1/2 months old

Casual Head Shot of Sebastian
As his face is covered in the photo on the right.
A Handsome Bloodhound Face ~ May 31, 2010

Sebastian meets Judge Judy Webb
Look to the Left to see his face.
Best of Breed ~ May 31, 2010

What a Beautiful (young) Bloodhound!
Thanks again to Cheryl for showing Sebastian.
Standing Proud in the Group Ring ~ May 31, 2010

Sebastian's "Got Type"!
Beautiful Bloodhound Head Piece!
Best of Winners ~ June 5, 2010

Sebastian & Clint are happy to show together.
Judge Sharon Sakson really likes him!
Sebastian Looks Great ~ June 5, 2010

Moving around the ring (& the tree)
Nice Rear & Angles (Hot Day 92 Degrees)
May 30th, 2010 ~ 6 months 1/2 months old

Oh Look - Another Tree
Judge Russell McFadden observes
Best of Winners ~ June 6, 2010

An Even HOTTER DAY - 94!!!
Sebastian & Clint baking in the heat!
Here on the Down ~ June 6, 2010

It was soooo terribly HOT!!!
Sebastian & Clint need some shade & rest!
Here comin' Back ~ June 6, 2010

Very Very Nice Bloodhound Puppy!
Rocky Mtn. Hound Assoc. July 2, 2010
Bloodhound Sweeps Judge Sidd Marx

Very nice stack here with Cheryl
Rocky Mtn. Hound Acsoc July 2, 2010
Best of Breed Win, from Judge Eric White!

He looks Beautiful here with Clint...
then the HORNS began during sweeps & group...
a very bad idea by the Rocky Mtn. Hound Assoc.

Sebastian gets his 1st Major!   (3 pts)
July 3, 2010 - Winners Dog & Best of Breed
Thank You Judge Judy Webb!

Another awesome stack here with Cheryl
He Wins Puppy Hound Group 1! - July 3, 2010
Thank You Again Judge Judy Webb

Back with his buddy, Uncle Clint
In the Puppy Best in Show Ring - July 3, 2010
Clint won Best in Show, we are passed for Best Puppy

Sebastian gets a little pep talk
from his breeder (Grammy Judy)
Judy Walker, Houndwalker Bloodhounds

Sebastian gets a visit from his brother (Watson)
Houndwalkers Elementary My Dear Watson
Watson is owned & loved by Nate & Courtney Albert

Sebastian back to business...
here with Cheryl in the Hound Group...
his eyes show he knew where his mom was!

Fri - The 3 young puppy boys stack up...
Sebastian looks great, 3rd in line.

A long 1200 mile drive (for a puppy) to Lompoc, CA
He was very nicely shown by Carlos (Thx-Carlos)

Sebastian is Winners Dog at the specialty!
His 1/2 sister, Ella finishes as winners bitch

Sat - Very puzzled puppy... 3rd handler in 24 hrs
Thank You Lori for showing Sebastian!

:-(    Sebastian is limping today    :-(
His 1/2 brother, Sonny is winners dog.

A very nice (young) bloodhound boy...
Too bad the poles block the photo...

Sun - A lovely photo of a lovely bloodhound head!
Long ears, narrow head, beautiful expression, lovely!

Here we see 3 young puppy boys (acting dorky)!
And Sebastian wins the puppy dog class.

Sebastian really does show wonderfully!
He gets Reserve, to his 1/2 brother Sonny.

Sebastian back being shown by his buddy Clint.
Thank You Judge Jeanette McGinnis for the Win!

He is comfortable, happy... And he is moving well.
Too bad the tent poles are in the way!

He was a perky young puppy in the big group ring.
Shown by very nicely by Cheryl (Clint's assistant).

Sebastian nicely moving on the down & back.
As always, he is very happy in the ring with Clint.

Clint's assistant, Sarah, has Sebastian here.
Yes he has lots of skin... S Q U I S H !!!

Sebastian Comfortable & Confident with Clint.
And he is kind of Cute too in this nice stack!

Beautiful angles (front & rear)...
Very relaxed & very confident with Clint!

Gentle guidance and stacking from Clint.
Sebastian loves (& nearly kisses) Clint!

WHOO-HOO! ~ Sebastian gets pulled in Group!
Thx to Donna (our friend) for showing him!

On the down & back (in the hot sun).
Sebastian & Clint are roasting in the heat!

Moving around the ring (looking for shade).
But, the pop-up tents are the only shade!

In Group, Sarah stacks & super stretches him!
Too bad there is a slobber towel on his head!

Pueblo, Colorado ~ Sunday
Sebastian finished his Championship Saturday,
We left him in to hold the major (he won again)
He was Wiggly, wanting Marlene & Sassy!
Thanks Sarah for showing-finishing him Sat!

Pueblo, Colorado ~ Sunday
What a lovely bloodhound head & face!
Long-narrow head, Long ears, Great lip, & Skin!
He looks a lot like his mama, Wicked.
Thanks Donna (our friend) for showing him Sun!

Pueblo, Colorado ~ Sunday
Wow! A very, very nice stack here!
Still a puppy, he is not quite 1 yr old.
But looks like an up & coming bloodhound!
Thanks to All Our Friends for their support!

Sebastian gets a
Group 4 Placement
in Laramie, WY
from Judge
Frances Colonna
Sebastian is only
6 & 1/2 months old!

He singled out
in 2 weeks & will
now show for fun
& for experience,
while he waits for
majors to finish
his championship.

Sebastian just
came out with
Clint Livingston
so he can learn
to be a top
show dog...

Watch for him
at dog shows
this summer!

Please note:
Each day we are
totally blessed
to have our sweet
little man from
our dear friends
Judy & Jeff Walker

We thank
the Walkers
for all of
their support
& we also thank
the co-breeder,
Susan Hamil
Quiet Creek
for her support!

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