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Enjoy a few Dog Show Photos of Buffalo Groves Major Sasquatch (aka Major)

4.5 mo - Aurora, CO - Fun Match
Karissa (granddaughter) did a great job showing him.

4.5 mo - Aurora, CO - Fun Match
He looks nice! (posting a little, but who cares)

6 mo - Fayetteville, AR - 1st Show = 3 Points
Marlene showing Major to a very nice judge!

6 mo - Fayetteville, AR - (on our way to the national)
Major moves very easily (head up & never out of step)!

6 mo - American Bloodhound Club National
Major stacked & looking fabulous in Futurity

6 mo - Bloodhound Futurity Puppy Winner
Major WINS Best Bloodhound Puppy!!!

6 mo - Major Wins Best Bloodhound Puppy!
& his sister, Belle, wins Best Opposite Sex Puppy!

6 mo - American Bloodhound Club National
Major's beautiful face in Puppy Sweepstakes

6 mo - Bloodhound Puppy Sweepstakes
Major in front, Magnus behind him.

6 mo - Major gets Best Op Puppy Sweeps
He was really-really tired by the end of the day!

6 mo - American Bloodhound Club National
Major moving well (head & tail up) & happy!

6 mo - Bloodhound Puppy Dog Class 6-9 months
Major was self stacking like a rock star!!!

6 mo - Major Wins 1st Place in his class!
The judge was so wonderful and she loved him!

7 mo - Greeley, CO - Buckhorn Sat - 1st Place
Karissa nicely stacking Major!!! (no points avail.)

7 mo - Greeley, CO - Puppy Group 4 for Major
Marlene with tired-fussy Major in Puppy Group

7 mo - Greeley, CO - Buckhorn Sun - 1st Place
Karissa getting a great stack!!! (no points avail.)

8 mo - Pueblo, CO - (almost big as my dad)
Callie (junior/freind) shows Major nicely!

10 mo - Iowa - (I was scared at this show)
Mom's friend (Heather) was very nice to me!

11 mo - Denver, CO (1 day at this HUGE show)
I had a good time in the ring with Diana Wilson!

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