Let us introduce you to a couple of Beautiful Purebred Bloodhounds!


We adore the bloodhound breed and we have had up to 4 bloodhounds at one time here at the ranch

giving each dog what we feel is proper Time, Love, Attention, Training, Enrichment, etc.

from being a young bloodhound puppy to more importantly honoring each elder bloodhound through their final days.

In the past couple years, we lost a couple of great dogs... 

Hunter,  at age 11, in 2017, who was the smartest bloodhound ever;

Sassy, at age 13, in 2019, who was Marlene's complete & total heart dog;

Sebastian, soon after in 2019, age 11, who was Karissa's dog show buddy & more!

Now there are two - Major and Trinity, (pictured above) who are indeed a couple of bloodhound characters!

Bloodhound Health & Health Testing is something we take seriously!     You should too!