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INTRODUCING...  Buffalo Groves Major Sasquatch... We call him "MAJOR"!!!
We absolutely ADORE this
wonderful bloodhound puppy!!!

He is growing up nicely, and
has even started SHOWING...
- 1st show at just 6mo = 3 points
- 2nd show (6mo 1wk) American
     Bloodhound Club National,
     he was AWARDED
* Best Puppy (futurity)
* Best Op Puppy (sweepstakes)

   WOW! We are so PROUD!

Here's a Link to MAJOR'S PAGE

Major is the son of our
Sassy & Sebastian.
Welcome from - Hunter, Sebastian, Major & Sassy!     Thanks for visiting!
Our website is for those who love bloodhounds and/or anyone who wants to learn about

We feel it's important to explain Bloodhound Personality, Behavior & Traits and we do that
with an assortment of Bloodhound Photos, included to help you (& likely entertain you).

Our Bloodhound Uses page covers the many uses of a Bloodhound, from a Bloodhound Pet,
to a Bloodhound Show Dog or a Bloodhound Search & Rescue Dog, or perhaps even a
Bloodhound Therapy Dog... There really are many possibilities for this wonderful breed.

If you are at all considering a Bloodhound, please do check out the Needs of a Bloodhound
as it's very significant to being a responsible bloodhound owner.

Another important area to learn about is Bloodhound Health as there are some specific
health scenarios (& issues) that you may encounter when you own & love a bloodhound.

Bloodhound Puppies, frankly there is nothing more adorable. Currently we do not have
bloodhound puppies available, rather we offer some advise and suggestions to those
looking for a bloodhound puppy; & we offer some insight about Bloodhound Breeders,
as the truly reputable breeders will be very careful in selecting the right home for their
Bloodhound Puppy.

No educational website is complete without sharing some history, so we have condensed
a lot of Bloodhound History so even a non-history buff can appreciate the information.

Only here at the Bloodhound Ranch, on our Bloodhound Education Page you can access
(free) our fun & educational childrens materials, which include our Bloodhound Dot to Dot
& Bloodhound Coloring Page... And our recently added Bloodhound Booklet.    And, please
check out our variety of Bloodhound References & Links.

Of course, we'd love to share a little with you about Our Bloodhound Ranch & Our Ideas;
and you're invited to see Our Current Bloodhounds  (Hunter, Sassy, Sebastian & Major).

For your viewing pleasure take a view minutes to go to our Bloodhound Photo Gallery.

Lastly, many visitors are intrigued to learn we also raise Buffalo (American Bison);
so feel free to visit our Buffalo Groves website where you can learn all about Buffalo.

We sure hope you enjoyed your visit and that you come back often!
David & Marlene Groves & the Hounds!
We are honored
to receive

for the qaulity
& educational
value of our
Web Award Info

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